Debt Recovery

This includes all outstanding debts (unregulated debts) that have no previous legal action or judgement against them.

We work with you to understand your case and expectations as every case is individual to our clients.

We also provide a credit check on the business before we act to confirm if there are enough assets in the company to continue action.

The clients are given a personal login that will enable them to login to their case on the client portal to receive an update 24/7

We recover the debt in the best way possible for you and your business and as quickly as we can, we will never set anyone up to fail regarding payments as this creates disappointment and upset for all parties concerned, if an agreement is made we will keep in constant contact with the debtor to support them and the payments made will be sent directly to the clients after the clearing process has been completed.

We work on a 20% of the debt no collect no fee basis

We match the debt up with the Collector with the most experience in that industry which enables our high success rate for collection.

If you have any questions about or debt collection process please do get in touch.
If you have a debt with a judgement / credit agreement or other legal action please see the High Court section for further details