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100% Transparency

At Rutherford’s Bailiffs and Collection Services Ltd our promise and passion for our business is to be 100% open, honest and transparent with our clients at all times.

Every case is different so we will discuss things with our clients as much or as little as they would like us to without the feeling of being rushed or not listened to.

Each client will have access to their own account portal so they can get an update of their account 24/7.

No action will be taken or fees charges unless agreed with our clients.

Open Longer

At Rutherford’s Bailiffs and Collection services we understand the need that our clients will need to contact us outside of the regular 9am – 5pm office hours, therefore we have a number of different ways our clients/ Debtors can contact us.

Our Telephone team work from 6.30am until 9.00pm Monday to Saturday.

Our email is monitored from 6.30am until 9.00 pm Monday to Saturday.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter page.

We also have a chat facility on our website that is open from 6.30am until 9.00 pm.

Even if you are unsure and just want some free advice please get in touch we are happy to help.

Account Access

We understand that with each of our clients situations can bring an incredible amount of stress and they want an instant update as soon as anything happens with the case they have instructed us on, therefore we have invested in a client portal for our website, this enables our clients to sign in with their individual login to check on the progress of their case and get an update any time 24 / 7.

Open Communication

At Rutherford’s Bailiffs and Collection Services Ltd we promise to always be open and honest with all clients and Debtors.

As well as the client portal and the longer opening hours we will visit clients at their place of business at a convenient time for them

Personal Service

Our Clients are matched up with a member of the team that specialises in the area they need help and advice with.

Our clients will also have the same case manager from the beginning to the end of the process.

Our telephone team is UK based and will take messages and email them directly to your case manager to contact you back within 4 hours of receiving the call.

Complete Confidentiality

All cases are treated with 100% confidentiality.

Only case owners will have access to client’s records.

Never will any clients details be discussed with any debtor or anyone else that isn’t involved with the case ie High court enforcement agents whilst we have control over the job.

Our Services

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Who We Help

Property & Land Owners

Traveller evictions, squatter evictions, securing the property, property clearance, asbestos removal, rubbish clearance.


Debt recovery, commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR), determination of lease, CCJ Preparation, asset searches.

Estate Agents

High court enforcement, commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR), determination of lease (forfeiture), traveller and squatter evictions, securing property.


Trace and asset searches, debt recovery, high court enforcement, commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR), determination of lease (forfeiture), traveller and squatter evictions, securing property, process serving.

Small & Medium Businesses

Trace and Asset Searches, debt recovery, high court enforcement, commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR), determination of lease (forfeiture), traveller and squatter evictions, securing property, credit control, CCJ preparation.

The most efficient way is to give us a call first so we can establish the best outcome for you as there are two different services we can provide

A) Determination of lease ( forfeiture) – this service is when your tenant has breached the tenancy agreement by not paying the rent due, we will visit the property gain peaceable entry, change the locks and then hand the property back over to you, this does mean however that you will need to chase the rent arrears by other means.

B) We can proceed with the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process (CRAR), For the statutory fee of £75.00 set by the ministry of justice, we will undertake to collect the rent arrears on your behalf and at no additional cost to yourself as the fee gets added to the debt.

To instruct us for our Debt Recovery service the charges are 20% of the debt / collection, However if we are unable to collect the debt then there is no charge, unless the debtor is found to be no trace gone away and then there is a standard £25.00 charge.

Please do get in touch with us for free advice asap, the process we use is very time sensitive so to keep the fees down and to remove them promptly you need to act quickly (please be aware that some business insurances cover the removal of Squatters / Traveller’s)

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