Supervising the removal of goods

Has your property’s occupant disappeared, leaving belongings behind? Maybe they’ve been evicted. What can you do, as a domestic or commercial landlord, with the things they’ve abandoned? It’s your legal obligation to take care of them and make reasonable attempts to trace the tenant. Then you’ll need to arrange for the tenant to pick up their possessions.

As you can imagine it can be awkward for you, the landlord. You might feel more comfortable with support, even better if someone else supervises the removal for you. You don’t have to use the same debt collectors as you used for the eviction itself. We will supervise things when a tenant needs to re-enter the property to collect goods, sending two experienced agents to oversee the process calmly and professionally.

We take the stress and worry out of the removal of goods. We check to make sure damage isn’t being done to the property, and agree the access hours up front. Because we don’t know the people involved, being independent, things are less likely to get heated. We’re happy to help you with commercial and residential removal of goods supervision. We can even help with site clearance for any abandoned goods.