Forefeiture (Determination of Lease)

When a commercial landlord wishes to take back industrial/commercial premises due to a breach of the tenancy agreement by not receiving rent on or before the due date, a Determination of Lease (Forfeiture) is a fast effective method of ''bringing things to a head''.

Do I need to go to court?

Most lease or licences do not forbid the use of this action by the landlord.

By instructing us at Rutherford Bailiffs and Collection Services Ltd you can be sure we are acting within the parameters of the law.

We will return your building to you by means of peaceable entry, change the locks and secure the property.

The tenant is now denied access and the lease is no longer active.

We can also negotiate on your behalf the removal of goods should you require this.

This service can be put into action within 24 hours of receiving the instruction and appropriate paperwork.

We only use fully qualified locksmiths that guarantee their work.

The fee for this service is a fixed fee of £550 plus vat including the locksmith.