Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

At Rutherford’s Bailiffs and Collection Services Ltd we recognise that the recovery of commercial rent is the heart of our client’s investments and when this falls into arrears creates a lot of stress and financial losses.

On April 6th 2014 the law was changed regarding the CRAR process and the fees were fixed for each stage of the collection / recovery process, this now means that it does not cost the landlord or property owner a penny to recover any commercial rent that has fallen into arrears.

At Rutherford’s Bailiffs and Collection services Ltd we will guarantee getting the compliance letter sent out within 24 hours of the £75.00 (this fee is added to the debt so is paid back to the landlord) fee being paid and the relevant paperwork completed.

All of our clients are also sent their own personal login details to enable them to have access to their account 24/7 for updates on payments and contact made with the debtors.