Residential Evictions

Are your tenants causing issues? If you have a possession order we can transfer it up to the high court for you, enabling you to evict your tenant in a quicker, more cost effective way.

A possession order is simply a court instruction about your property. As a landlord you apply for a possession order when you want your tenants to leave but they’re not willing to go. There are two types of possession order, an outright order and a suspended order, both usually made by a judge at a special possession hearing. But you may want to use the faster Section 21 procedure, where a judge can rule there’s no need for a hearing. We’ll advise about the best method for your situation.

We can help with suspended possession orders and outright possession orders. The outright process gives the tenant a date to leave, often two weeks after the order is made. The Section 21 eviction process means the court can make an outright order if your notice is valid, a popular way ahead for private landlords.  A suspended order lets the tenant stay as long as they abide by the conditions you, the landlord, put in place, for example no more loud music played late at night.

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