Parking Charge Notice (PCN)

Are you struggling with Parking Charge notices? We can collect the parking fines you’ve issued that haven’t been paid. We use a combination of professional letters and the CCJ process to achieve enforcement when you’re owed more than £600, putting you back into a safe financial position where you’ve got the money you’re owed and you cashflow is flowing as it should.

First we send a Notice to Owner to the registered keeper of the vehicle. They have the option to pay in full within 28 days or challenge the charge. If they ignore the Notice to Owner we send a Charge Certificate, which means they have to pay within 14 days. If they still don’t pay, the matter is registered as a debt at the county court and we send an Order of Recovery.

The Order of Recovery forces the debtor to either pay the parking charge within 21 days or make a statutory declaration. If they do nothing the court grants the authority for a warrant, and one of our bailiffs will recover the debt.

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