UK and International Asset & People Searches

Asset Searches

These searches are specifically designed for companies, large corporations and high net-worth individuals to identify, trace financial and physical assets to freeze and recover at a later date.

We also help you determine if litigation is worthwhile and then have extensive resources to track down and recover what is rightfully yours. All cases are individual and fees will be discussed and agreed before any searches are completed.

People Tracing

According to Home Office estimates, around 250,000 people go missing in the UK each year. This, coupled with the fact that nearly 11% of the UK population move house each year, it’s easy to see why tracing debtors can be very difficult if you don’t know their whereabouts and people tracing agencies are facing increasing pressure as a result.

We have a wide range of clients ranging from tenants and divorce courts to accountants and insolvency practitioners who need people tracing to help recover debt. If you think you may be in need of our services then please use the contact form to get in touch so we can discuss your case.

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