Traveller Evictions

Unwanted people on your land can cause all sorts of problems, from mess, nuisance and noise to damage and destruction that costs a fortune to fix. Until they’ve been removed you can’t use, let or sell the land or property. All our certificated enforcement agents abide by Common Law, with a Magistrate’s Warrant or Order for Possession. This means we conduct traveller evictions 100% legally.

Our experienced specialist bailiffs and enforcement agents are highly professional. They deliver fast results for private landowners. If there are travellers on your property, you don’t need a Court Order for Possession. Our experts will calmly, efficiently evict individuals and groups of travellers, making sure they take their belongings, rubbish and vehicles with them.

Years of practical experience plus top class professional advice means we make everything so much easier for landowners. First, you instruct us to act. Next we’ll send an agent directly to the property, usually on the same day but sometimes the next morning. They’ll discuss matters with the travellers before proceeding to remove them from your property perfectly legally, often the same day or the next day depending on things like the weather and the availability of police support.

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