Process Serving

Process serving is the official and professional delivery of legal documents that require proof of having been received. This can include Section 21 for tenants, divorce petitions or any legal document that requires confirmed delivery.

Our process is simple and straight-forward:-

  1. Our officers will attend the given address
  2. They will confirm the identity of the person and hand the documents over once it’s been confirmed
  3. We will then call or email straight away to confirm the date & time of the successful document delivery

We understand the urgency of some situations and are able to undertake your process serving at short notice, whilst still offering expertly coordinated service which is tailored to your needs.

We offer the standard prescribed county court certificate of service and we are more than prepared to attend court and support your case in the form of written and verbal statements if need be.

Service of documents will be in accordance with the relevant CPR (Civil Procedure Regulations) depending on the documents served.

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