Forfeiture (Determination of Lease)

If you’re a commercial landlord who needs to take back an industrial/commercial premises due to a tenant breaching their agreement, then a Determination of Lease (Forfeiture/DoL) is a very fast and effective method of doing so.

Most leases or licenses do not forbid the landlord from going to court with the tenant.

You can be assured when working with us on your DoL that we are acting within the parameters of the law. We guarantee to return your building to you by means of peaceful entry and changing of the locks followed by securing of the property. We have our own fully-qualified and fully-licensed locksmiths that guarantee high quality work.

Once this process has been completed, the tenant will no longer have access to the property and the lease is no longer active. If need be, we can also negotiate the removal of goods on your behalf if you require it.

This service can begin within 24 hours of receiving your instruction along with the required paperwork. This service is offered for a fixed fee excluding the locksmith. For more information or to help us get started on your job then please get in touch and we can have a chat.

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