Debt Recovery

This is for outstanding, unregulated debts* that have had no previous legal action or judgement against them.

We work with you to understand the processes of your business and to get a sense for your realistic expectations as every business works in a different way. We are also able to perform credit checks on the businesses in order to confirm if there are enough assets to warrant action.

All of our clients receive access to our secure portal which means you are always in the loop with what’s happening on your job 24/7.

Our fee for the service is extremely competitive. We use collectors with the most experience in order to ensure our success as much as possible.

If you have any questions about the debt collection process then please get in touch and we can discuss it further. If your enquiry refers to debt with a judgement/credit agreement or other legal action then please see the High Court section for more information.

Unregulated debt is money owed that does not have a credit agreement applied to it and doesn’t fall under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The debt can be owed to you personally or from a business, or business to business.

For information about regulated debt please look on the StepChange website here.

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