Credit Control

We offer a wide range of comprehensive credit control packages which can be tailored to suit your needs and the number of debts that need chasing.

The process of a chase consists of:-

  • An initial phone call to establish contact
  • Emailing copies of invoices/statements as evidence
  • Making notes of all correspondence to refer to later and adding follow up details

We don’t offer ‘packages’. We believe everyone’s business is different, so we will have a chat with you, find out your processes and then work out a cost based on what you actually need.

We appreciate that building relationships with clients is a long process and chasing someone for debt when a relationship exists can be very awkward. We are experts and our team are fully trained on how to deal with these situations to ensure that the relationship between you and your client remains intact and positive.

We can also chase all overdue debts or we can chase a selection that you would like us to, for more information on our debt recovery service follow the link here.

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